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About Mike Lindell, Founder of My Pillow

My Pillow founder, Mike Lindell, has a story that goes way back. In his teenage years, Mike had problems sleeping. His pillow would get hot, he would toss and turn at night and wake up with a sore arm and a stiff neck. He decided to spend one of his entire paycheks on a pillow. At the time Mike was working at a grocery store and drive-in movie theater. He thought if the pillow was expensive it had to be good.

By 1980 Mike started on his entrepreneurial path by starting his own carpet cleaning business. From there he purchased his own lunch wagon, and then went on to own several local bars and restaurants.

In 2004 Mike began developing the pillow. By this point in Mike’s life, he had tried every pillow on the market, but nothing worked. He had a dream of inventing his own pillow and wasted no time in working on a prototype. It took about a year’s time to invent the perfect pillow. Mike was excited and ready to get it to the masses. He went to major box stores expecting that they would want to carry his product but was turned down by all of them.

He began selling his pillows at fairs, mall kiosks, and The Home and Garden Show then landed a booth at the Minnesota state fair in 2005 and that summer was a big success.

In 2012 Mike had his QVC debut and has been appearing on air selling his pillows every since!